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Importance of Kitchen Cleaning

This question is often raised when it comes to commercial kitchens, and the answer depends on the type of cleaning that is meant. There is a big difference between a standard clean that should be done every day and sometimes multiple times a day, to a full commercial clean, to an involved deep clean.

For all types, the main objective is to ensure hygiene is up to par, the venue is safe for staff and customers, and is compliant with food safety legislation. Food safety is covered by criminal law, and compliance requires staff, food, equipment and work environment cleanliness. 

Deep cleaning is even more critical since the coronavirus pandemic, as is keeping commercial kitchens at peak hygiene, but it’s not always easy. Some kitchen areas can be hard to reach, and catering equipment can be challenging to clean. Often a specialised deep cleaning service is the best option to ensure complete kitchen cleanliness, so we recommend a more frequent deep cleaning, particularly quarterly or monthly, to keep ahead of hygiene procedures.

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Are there regulations for kitchen cleaning?

There are, and laws relating to food safety can seem numerous and very complicated. The nutshell version is straightforward, however. Management must maintain cleanliness and hygiene in an establishment. A mandatory professional clean is required every six months, regardless of whether it is a restaurant, hotel, pub, school, shop, or hospital. Cleaning standards must be impeccable to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

So what’s the answer?

We advise our clients to have a minimum of three monthly deep clean of their kitchen and venue to stay ahead of the competition. Keeping spaces extra clean can only be a good thing, including procedures for both customers and staff in these times. Frequency is an essential part of any cleaning system, and an emphasis on sanitisation will ensure a hygienic venue, lowering any risks of food contamination or spread of illness, including COVID19. 

Ultimately also, the success of a venue comes down to happy staff and regular customers. A clean venue will ensure happy and healthy employees and customers who are delighted to visit again and again as they are confident in their safety. 

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Do you want to book a kitchen deep clean for your establishment?

A thorough cleaning regime will build and maintain hygienic, safe food preparation in your venue. While the legal obligation is a deep clean once every six months, as mentioned, we recommend staying ahead of the game and cleaning every three months. This more rigorous regime ensures a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees while keeping your venue to a high professional standard. 

When you work with J&I professional kitchen deep cleaning, you benefit from our extensive expertise and peace of mind. Our experienced team handles everything and delivers outstanding service every time while complying with health and safety guidelines. We even offer overnight cleaning, so you are ready to open as usual the following day. For more information contact our team.

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