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The average rent in London tops around £1750 per month for a three bedroomed property. That’s not an amount you can afford to pass on when a property is being vacated, so it makes sense to get it repaired and cleaned quickly ready to be relisted and occupied asap. 

Whilst some landlords do choose to clean their own properties for an end of lease cleaning, in reality, many people don’t have the time to do it. If they do have time, savvy landlords know that professional cleaning companies can do a better job in less time, which is well worth the investment. A clean and fresh house attracts great tenants too, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to ensure a rental is in great shape as it comes back on the market. 

If you’re still not sure, checkout the following benefits to having a professional cleaning company do your end of lease clean:

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Sky High Standards

When a professional cleaning company like J & I does your end of lease cleaning, you can expect exceptional standards for the price you pay. High-grade cleaning products and equipment, skilled and uniformed cleaning technicians, expert handling of all surface types and cleaning challenges – it’s all included in the price you pay.

Money & Time Saving

Although you do have to pay for your end of lease cleaning, what you are investing in is ensuring the house is occupied quickly and ensuring that rent continues to be paid without delay. In addition, the carpets and other surfaces are deep cleaned and maintained, prolonging their life and delaying the need for replacement. 

A professional cleaning company will also do the end of lease clean much faster than you can because it’s their job to be efficient. They know how to use the right skills, techniques and products to get the best results. 

Tailored to your individual requirements.

Kitchen Cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning

Dining Room Cleaning

Washroom Cleaning

Better Tenants

The higher the standards a property has, the higher the standard of tenant it attracts. If you want your tenants to look after a home, it needs to be in great condition to begin with, which means ensuring the repairs are done, and that it is incredibly clean and hygienic. 

Prevention Of Delays

Tenants can move into a property and complain about the standards of cleanliness. They may request money be taken off the first month’s rent, or they may decide not to rent from you after all. A professional end of lease clean ensures that there are no delays for this reason, because the standards of cleanliness will be incredibly high. 

Better Branding

If you have a portfolio of properties in London under a brand name, you will be getting reviews from your tenants, and those reviews matter. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends’ opinion on a product. 

Although there are lots of components to a tenancy review, such as how you handle complaints, how you maintain the property, and so on, the cleanliness of the property when moving in is an important part of that overall picture.

A professional end of lease clean means that this part of how customers see you, at least, is covered, further promoting your business as a trusted brand in the rental market in London.

Speak To J & I About Professional End Of Lease Cleaning In London Today

J & I offers high-grade end of lease cleaning for landlords and rental companies who want to attract the best tenants, and get properties filled without delay. 

We have highly skilled cleaning technicians, the best cleaning equipment, and trusted cleaning solutions to get your rental property in exceptional shape. 

Speak to us about carpet and upholstery deep cleaning, bathroom deep cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning and additional end of lease cleaning extras that could be useful if the property has been left in a challenging condition. We’re not phased by any cleaning challenge and have everything necessary to get the job done. 

Speak to J & I today to get a professional end of lease cleaning quote for the London area – we’re excited to help save you time and money getting this essential job done at a great price, and at a time to suit you. 

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