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Film Studio Cleaning Services London

J & I provide professional film studio cleaning services for a wide range of media studios, ensuring that this unique working environment remains clean, hygienic and safe.
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Professional Film Studio Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Our cleaning company has over 25 years of experience providing specialist commercial cleaning services to unique environments like film studios and similar media setups. 

Our staff are all security checked and trained in the very latest cleaning techniques and safety requirements. This ensures that they have a wealth of skills and knowledge to apply to this exacting type of specialist cleaning job, ensuring that you always get phenomenal results without fail. 

We also want you to know that our team are aware of the delicate nature of a film studio cleaning contract. Special care is taken to be polite, discreet, quick, and to ensure that absolutely no damage is done to the expensive and often fragile equipment within the space.

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J & I Are Focused On Detail

Our studio cleaning services are in line with the latest Covid-19 guidelines, ensuring that extra measures are taken to completely disinfect and clean all areas. This includes waiting rooms, dressing rooms, makeup areas, offices, meeting rooms, sets, stock rooms, prop rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and any other spaces where you require our services. Special attention is paid to areas of high risk such as handles, communal spaces, washing rooms and points of entry, such as security checkpoints. 

In addition to our up-to-date Covid-19 cleaning, we also understand the precision needed to ensure a space like a film studio is cleaned appropriately from top to bottom. We’re used to working with high-profile spaces that require high levels of care and detail to get them clean without disturbing the work environment itself. Our highly trained operatives are able to do this with great expertise, so that all your requirements are met quickly and efficiently.

Any Media Environment, Any Time

J & I have experience cleaning a wide range of media studio settings such as; sound studios, film studios, recording studios, television studios and various other media environment types. We can work to suit not only the requirements of these niche environments, but the various time schedules that cleaning might need to take place in. Whether we need to clean in the early hours, between shoots or over busy holidays, our team is always ready to help you get your media studio spotless ready for the next use.

Tailored to your individual requirements.

Floor Cleaning

Washroom Cleaning

Dressing Room Cleaning

Stockroom Cleaning

Makeup Area Cleaning

Communal Areas Cleaning

J & I Are Ready To Provide Expert Cleaning Services To Your Film Studio

Using high-quality tools, streak-free, no-smell cleaning products, and years worth of expertise, our team is ready to provide you with exceptional film studio cleaning services. 

Whether you require a one off deep clean, or regular contract cleaning across your working spaces, our trustworthy company can ensure that after a visit from us, your specialist working space will be immaculate, hygienic and fresh. 

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