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Specialist FSA Food Hygiene Rating Cleaning Services in London

Elevate the cleanliness and appeal of your venue with our specialist deep cleaning services, designed for London’s hospitality industry.
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Achieving Excellence With Targeted FSA Hygiene Rating Cleaning

The FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating is a critical measure of any food-preparation establishment’s commitment to food safety and hygiene. Our FSA Food Hygiene Rating cleaning service is designed to help your restaurant, café or other food service business achieve and maintain the highest possible score. By focusing on comprehensive kitchen  cleaning and sanitation practices that exceed FSA guidelines, we ensure that every aspect of your kitchen and dining area is impeccable, reducing the risk of food-related illnesses and enhancing customer trust.

Tailored Cleaning Plans for Optimal FSA Ratings

The J&I Cleaning approach to improving your FSA Food Hygiene Rating involves a detailed assessment of your current hygiene practices and identifying key areas for improvement. We then provide a bespoke cleaning plan that targets these areas, including deep cleaning of kitchen equipment, thorough sanitisation of food preparation surfaces and meticulous attention to storage and refrigeration cleanliness. Our team of hygiene experts is trained in FSA compliance, offering advice and modifications to your cleaning routines that will help secure a top rating.

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Why Our FSA Rating Cleaning Service Stands Out

Choosing our FSA Food Hygiene Rating cleaning services means partnering with specialists who understand the nuances of food safety regulations and the importance of achieving a high hygiene rating. Our service not only aims to improve your rating but also focuses on implementing sustainable hygiene practices that benefit your business in the long term. With our support, you can expect a cleaner, safer kitchen, minimised risk of non-compliance and an enhanced reputation among patrons and health inspectors alike.

Tailored cleaning to meet specific needs:

  1. Deep cleaning of all kitchen and food preparation areas
  2. Detailed equipment sanitisation to prevent cross-contamination
  3. Comprehensive checks and cleaning of storage areas to ensure proper food safety
  4. Sanitisation of dining areas, focusing on surfaces that customers contact
  5. Staff training sessions on maintaining FSA standards in daily operations
  6. Pre-inspection audits to identify and rectify potential hygiene issues
  7. Customised cleaning schedules that minimise disruption
  8. Ongoing support and advice

Our team are geared up to deliver for almost any industry

Our expertise focus on providing industrial cleaning services for





Halls of residence

Retail outlets
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One of the many reasons for our success is our emphasis on providing a flexible and personalised service. Our professional cleaners are all fully trained to identify the best solutions for every client’s unique requirements; whether they’re delivering a kitchen deep clean for an independent restaurant, high level cleaning for a busy airport, or simply requesting a regular cleaner to clean your office.

Levent Erguden
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Great service, excellent cleaning, professional cleaners and good value. It was way better than anticipated, highly recommended
Moumen Khennache
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We are Grilled Grub based in Maidenhead and as you can imagine need a cleaning company to make sure our equipment is in the best condition possible. We have used J and L for our business to clean our extraction system twice now, the staff were really professional, the job done fantastic and we would personally like to thank Elizabeth and the staff involved in the cleaning process. We thoroughly recommend them as a business and will definitely use them in the future.
Gareth owens
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J&I showcase exceptional expertise in gathering PVT samples for fresh air ductwork to validate its cleanliness. Their staff showcase professional care and attention, emphasising their commitment to delivering high-quality samples. At J&I it is evident that they prioritise providing their clients with reliable and independent data to validate the cleanliness of their fresh air ductwork cleaning services.
Jodi M
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So great!! So happy I went with this company. Was in search for a deep deep clean for my bathroom, have had 2 industrial cleans now with other companies but looked this time for specific bathroom cleaners who can get rid of mould and dirty ventilators … look no further. I found them here !! Elisia and Claudia Were the cleaners who did my bathroom, they were speedy and fab ! Attached images for proof. Top images are before , and bottom now :)
Dhara Patel
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Beata provided a professional service in promptly responding to my queries via email and was accommodating to availability in organizing the deep clean of kitchen. Alicia and Klaudia were very prompt and arrived 15mins before arrival time. They were very professional, arrived with own necessary equipment, wore protective footwear over their own shoes and were quick and efficient. They removed the heavily stained tile grouting, grill and oven of grease and removed the stickiness that covered the worktops. In addition, they were very respectful and polite. Overall, very happy and satisfied with the service they provided.
Khaled Yaghmour
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Fantastic service. Especially Edyta, very reliable and does the job perfectly. She’s very friendly and accommodating to all of our requests. Highly recommend!
Jonathan Bernardez
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Staff is professional and I am very satisfied with the service provided. Edyta is very thorough and has a great attention to detail. Highly recommended!
Anthony Lamont
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Diana from J&I Cleaning Services Ltd has been cleaning my flat for the past three years, and I am delighted with her outstanding cleaning services. I am always impressed by the thoroughness of her work and friendly demeanour. Diana consistently goes above and beyond. The J&I Cleaning management team are very professional and responsive to schedule changes. I wholeheartedly recommend Diana and J&I Cleaning Services Ltd to anyone seeking a reliable and friendly cleaning service.

Your Partner in Achieving and Maintaining High FSA Food Hygiene Ratings

Our commitment to your success goes beyond a single cleaning service. We view our role as your partner in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of food hygiene, offering continuous support and advice to ensure your establishment consistently meets or exceeds FSA expectations.

Hospitality & Venue Deep Cleaning FAQs

How can your cleaning service impact my FSA Food Hygiene Rating?

Our professional cleaning service targets the hygiene standards assessed by the FSA, directly contributing to higher scores by ensuring your premises meet the strict criteria for cleanliness and food safety.

What is involved in the pre-inspection audit?

Our pre-inspection audit includes a thorough review of your premises against FSA guidelines, identifying areas for improvement and providing actionable recommendations to enhance your hygiene practices before an official inspection.

Do you offer ongoing support after achieving a high hygiene rating?

Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your establishment continues to meet the high standards required for a top FSA Food Hygiene Rating.

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