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Domestic Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services London

J & I provide precise, effective, expert deep bathroom cleaning in London so that you get your bathroom back in phenomenal condition.
Affordable rates, flexible contract hours and trusted cleaning for 100% satisfaction with the results.
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J&I Will Leave Your Bathroom Hygienic, Clean & Fresh

We have over 25 years of experience providing bathroom deep cleaning to properties across London. Whether there is limescale on the taps or dirt buildup in the toilet, we’ve seen it all and we know how to put it right. 

All of our staff are security checked and have safety and risk training regularly, so you can be absolutely sure of who is visiting your property when you book deep bathroom cleaning with us. The team are also known for being polite, courteous, discreet and punctual – absolute essentials when working within private homes. 

J&I Are Equipped For Thorough Bathroom Cleaning

We are proud to supply our team with high-end tools and solutions so they have a complete kit available to them. This means they are able to quickly and efficiently deal with any challenge during their bathroom cleaning service. 

The cleaning solutions that we do use are streak-free and do not leave a sticky residue on surfaces. They are also able to kill germs and bacteria common in bathrooms, as well as Covid-19 particles that may be present on ‘high-touch’ areas like the light switch. When used, our solutions will not leave a strong chemical smell behind, just a slight fresh fragrance that lets you know the space is hygienic once again. 

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We’re Deep Bathroom Cleaning Specialists

We can tackle any type of bathroom deep clean with the skills necessary to combat various types of dirt and debris that commonly build up in this kind of space. Whereas a standard domestic clean focuses on a great sparkle clean of all the surfaces in a washroom, our deep clean is designed to go further, fully cleansing the deepest corners of the bathroom so it’s as close to new as possible at the end. 

Just some of the bathroom deep cleaning tasks we perform are:

  • Mirror clean and polish
  • Tile scrub and clean
  • Bathtub scrub and clean
  • Shower screen cleanse and polish
  • Limescale removal
  • Detailed sink clean removing dirt build up
  • Thorough tap clean
  • Inside and outside toilet clean
  • Blind dust and wipe
  • Inside window and windowsill clean and wipe
  • Shower head clean
  • Mopping and hoovering flooring
  • Wall wipe
  • Skirting board wipe and dry
  • Switches and fixtures wiped
  • Antiviral sanitisation 
  • Inside and outside bathroom cabinet clean

Our deep clean can be provided tailored to your needs. We can get it to sparkle clean without restrictions, or we can follow your guidelines as to what to do and what not to do – you’re in total control of how we operate in your home. 

We’re also proud to let you know that our staff are highly aware that they are working within a private space that demands respect. They know how to work around your belongings and products carefully so as not to disturb them or damage them. Your bathroom deep clean is completed with absolute care and precision without compromise. 

Whether you need a deep bathroom cleaning service every month, or a one-off service after a tenancy, we can help. We’re available any day, any hour and as regularly as you need to get the fresh and hygienic bathroom results you can expect from us.

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Get Your Bathroom Sparkle Clean With J&I

Any time, any day, any level of bathroom dirt – we’re ready to get your domestic bathroom deep cleaned so that it’s fresh, hygienic and sparkling clean.


What services do we provide for domestic bathroom cleaning?

Our domestic bathroom cleaning services include thorough cleaning and sanitising of all bathroom surfaces, such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and shower enclosures. We also clean mirrors, tiles, grout, and bathroom fixtures, as well as mop floors and remove any limescale or soap scum buildup.

Can we handle mould or mildew issues during bathroom cleaning?

Yes, our cleaning staff are trained in identifying and treating mould or mildew issues during bathroom cleaning. We use specialised cleaning products and techniques to remove mould and mildew from surfaces, as well as provide recommendations for preventing future growth and maintaining a clean and healthy bathroom environment.

How often should domestic bathroom cleaning services be scheduled?

The frequency of domestic bathroom cleaning services depends on factors such as the number of bathroom users and personal preferences. Some clients prefer a weekly or fortnightly cleaning schedule, while others may opt for monthly services. We work with clients to develop a tailored cleaning schedule that meets their unique needs and ensures a consistently clean and hygienic bathroom.

Can we accommodate special requests or specific cleaning requirements for domestic bathroom cleaning?

Yes, we understand that clients may have specific cleaning requirements or preferences for their bathrooms. We work closely with clients to develop a customised cleaning plan that addresses their needs and ensures a consistently clean and comfortable bathroom environment.

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