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Domestic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services London

J & I offer trustworthy domestic carpet & upholstery cleaning services in London so that you can enjoy ultra clean surfaces in your home.
Affordable prices, 24/7 availability and phenomenal cleaning for your total satisfaction with the results.
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We’re Here To Provide Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning You Can Trust

J & I have been providing exceptional domestic and commercial carpet cleaning for over 25 years in properties of any size, with materials of any type. 

Whether the mattress is stained, or the curtains are heavy with dust, we have seen it all and we have all the techniques necessary to get those materials fresh and clean once again. 

Our team has been background checked and provided with the latest health and safety training, so you can feel reassured only the most trustworthy carpet and upholstery cleaners are visiting your home. The team are also discreet, hard-working, conscientious and polite – everything you should expect from employees who work inside private homes.

We’re Domestic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

J & I have a wealth of carpet cleaning experience, working with all kinds of carpet and upholstery types to get the deep, inbuilt dirt out without damaging the material itself. 

Every surface material is treated differently to ensure that the cleaning process is not only efficient but protective of the fibres so that your belongings are never damaged. In addition to this, a deep clean ensures that the items are not just cleaned, but they are thoroughly cleansed as deeply as possible. This provides long-lasting freshness, smell removal and stain removal so your carpets and upholstery feels like new again. 

Just some of the deep cleaning upholstery and carpet services we provide are: 

  • Armchair and sofa deep cleans
  • Dining chair deep cleans
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Full room by room carpet cleaning
  • Tough carpet stain removal
  • Rug cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning

We often use a combination of vacuuming and hot water cleaning mixed with the use of relevant solvents or detergents, and good old-fashioned hard work, to get fantastic results. Every item is dealt with on an individual basis so that only the most suitable cleaning method is used each time. 

Whether you need an emergency couch clean, or an annual mattress steam, J & I are equipped to get your furnishings in fantastic condition.

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We’re Equipped For Success

Our expert cleaning technicians have a huge range of tools and cleaning solutions at their disposal. This saves time and ensures that they can apply the relevant cleaning technique, tool and product to the task at hand without having to delay the treatment. 

We’re also proud to only use safe cleaning products that will never leave residue or a chemical smell on your furnishings. Instead, they deal with all the nasty bacteria and germs that commonly build up in carpets and upholstery, only leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent instead.

We Also Offer:

Bathroom Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning

Floor Polishing

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Student Accommodation Cleaning

Is It Time You Tried Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning With J & I?

Domestic carpet cleaning day or night, any time, any size – we are here to help you ditch the dirt and enjoy fresh, sanitised furnishings day after day. 

Agnieszka Kramarczyk
Best Cleaning Company in London A ***
Ling Ling
Excellent work! Very happy about the service!!!
Massimo Prete
Great service from start to finish, punctual survey and quote and an impeccable deep cleaning for my restaurant. Everything looks spotless now. Highly recommend them!
I had wonderful and easy experience with J&I Cleaning Services. Cleaners was punctual and they provided professional and efficient service. They left our house properly cleaned and fresh . Highly recommend them .
Enrique Schwartz
Outstanding and on time.
Amanda Wilkinson
Amazing job - my flat was in a bad state and the cleaners made it look like new - brilliant
Paul Farr
Highly Recommended..


What carpet cleaning methods do we use for homes?

We use a variety of carpet cleaning methods, including hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning), dry cleaning, and encapsulation. Our trained technicians will assess the carpet’s condition, material, and specific cleaning needs to determine the most suitable and effective cleaning method for your home.

Are the carpet cleaning products we use safe for children and pets?

We prioritise the use of eco-friendly and non-toxic carpet cleaning products that are safe for children, pets, and the environment. Our cleaning solutions are designed to effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens without posing any health risks to your family.

How long does it take for carpets to dry after cleaning?

The drying time for carpets after cleaning depends on factors such as the cleaning method used, carpet material, and indoor humidity. Generally, carpets cleaned using the hot water extraction method can take 4 to 6 hours to dry, while carpets cleaned using dry cleaning or encapsulation methods may dry more quickly.

Can we remove stubborn stains and odours from carpets?

Our trained technicians use specialised stain-removal techniques and products to effectively treat and remove a wide range of stains, such as red wine, coffee, and pet accidents. In most cases, we can significantly reduce or eliminate stubborn stains and odours, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

How can I prepare my home for a carpet cleaning service?

Before our technicians arrive, please ensure that small items, such as toys, shoes, and breakables, are removed from the carpeted areas. It is also helpful to vacuum the carpets to remove surface debris, and if possible, move light furniture to allow access to the entire carpeted area.

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