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Commercial Cleaning Services In Leeds

Invest in the exceptional services of your local cleaning experts.

J & I is proud to offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services to businesses across Leeds.

With the very best cleaning experts and the latest dirt-busting techniques, by selecting J & I you choose to get phenomenal results every time without fail.

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20 Years Of Experience In Commercial Cleaning Leeds

Would you love more time and energy to spend on your business? Why not let a trusted company like J & I take the pressure off? We can apply our skills and experience to get your premises in fantastic shape, as and when you need us, all for highly competitive contract prices. 

J & I have been established since 2000, which means we have year upon year of experience, growth and knowledge within the commercial cleaning industry. This established position has pushed us to continually maintain our high standards, and to strive for improvement year on year. Because of this, our customers are loyal and impressed by the continually flawless results we provide, ensuring that J & I remain a leading commercial cleaning company in Leeds. 

We’re Your Local Commercial Cleaning Experts

J & I know that hygiene and cleanliness matters to all businesses. This is for the good of everybody who enters, or spends time in your working environment, not to mention legal health & safety compliance, and the impact your cleaning standards have on your brand reputation. 

We know that Leeds businesses require regular cleaning and deep cleaning, but finding the time can be difficult for hard-working business owners. Our services mean that we can take the pressure off and get the job done for you, all at a great price. We provide a huge range of commercial cleaning services, including (but not limited to): 

  • Restaurant & bar deep cleans
  • Gym cleaning
  • Covid-19 sanitisation
  • Corporate building cleans

However you need your place cleansing and freshening up, we have the tools, team and solutions to ensure that you get immaculate results without fail.

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Our Leeds Cleaning Specialists Are Highly-Trained

We are extremely proud of our cleaning team, who have worked hard to learn the kind of cleaning skills, and attention to detail needed to create A-grade results. 

J & I supplies thorough training and support (with regular top ups) to ensure that every team member knows the latest commercial cleaning techniques and solutions. With this training and the machines, tools and trusted cleaning liquids we provide, every single employee attends each contract with total confidence in their abilities to do a great job. 

We’d also love you to know that J & I employees are security checked and safety trained within government guidelines, so you can trust the team attending your premises. In addition, we go above and beyond to support our team to work in a way that is professional, discreet, minimally disruptive and a true representation of the standards we work hard to uphold. 

With such a dedicated attitude to team training and support, we’re a highly regarded commercial cleaning company in Leeds and our specialists are ready to provide you with immaculate results today. 

Hire The Best Cleaning Team In Leeds

J & I are excited to offer unbeatable commercial cleaning services to businesses across Leeds. 

Regardless of whether you need a deep clean, regular daily freshen, or a monthly sanitisation of your business space, we have the machines, solutions, skills and techniques to get your place pristine at a competitive price.

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