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Ventilation Smoke Testing by J&I Cleaning Services Ltd

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Overview and Importance of Smoke Testing

J&I Cleaning Services Ltd specialises in Ventilation Smoke Testing, a crucial service for maintaining the health and efficiency of kitchen ventilation systems. This process is vital in detecting leaks and blockages that can compromise air quality and safety in commercial kitchens. Beyond compliance, our service is about ensuring a hygienic, efficient, and safe kitchen environment.

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Why J&I Cleaning Services

Expertise and Safety Focus

With over 20 years of experience, J&I Cleaning Services is a leader in kitchen ventilation care. Our team is skilled in TR19 cleaning and compliance, ensuring that your ventilation system not only meets but surpasses health and safety regulations. Our focus on safety and our comprehensive knowledge of kitchen ventilation systems make us the ideal choice for your testing needs.

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Our Process: Precision and Care

Assessment and Testing Procedure

Our Ventilation Smoke Testing process starts with an in-depth assessment of your kitchen’s ventilation system. We use advanced, non-toxic smoke testing methods to accurately detect any inefficiencies or leaks. Adhering to TR19 cleaning standards, this examination ensures that your system maintains optimal cleanliness and functionality.

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The risk of not having your ventilation system smoke tested

A potentially unsafe building

Risk of a fine

Difficulty making insurance claims for fire damage

Loss of reputation and business

Benefits of Choosing Our Service

Choosing J&I Cleaning Services for Ventilation Smoke Testing means prioritising safety, compliance, and efficiency. Regular testing, in line with industry standards, aids in early problem detection, avoiding expensive repairs and downtime, and ensuring a hygienic, smoothly operating kitchen.


The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your kitchen’s ventilation system is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a critical aspect of kitchen management. Kitchens face unique challenges such as grease build-up, heat and smoke control, and odour management. Our Ventilation Smoke Testing service is designed to address these specific issues, ensuring your kitchen remains a safe, clean, and pleasant environment for staff and customers alike.

How to Arrange Your Vent Smoke Test

To schedule your Ventilation Smoke Testing or to learn more about our services, please contact us. Our friendly team is ready to assist with any questions and can guide you through our simple booking process.

Phone: 02088663413
Email: [email protected]

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Best Cleaning Company in London A ***
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Excellent work! Very happy about the service!!!
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Great service from start to finish, punctual survey and quote and an impeccable deep cleaning for my restaurant. Everything looks spotless now. Highly recommend them!
I had wonderful and easy experience with J&I Cleaning Services. Cleaners was punctual and they provided professional and efficient service. They left our house properly cleaned and fresh . Highly recommend them .
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Outstanding and on time.
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Amazing job - my flat was in a bad state and the cleaners made it look like new - brilliant
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