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Business End of Lease Cleaning In London

J & I provide exceptional business end of lease cleaning in London for all business types of all sizes so that you can return your premises, or let out your premises in phenomenal condition.
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A Thorough & Experienced Business End of Lease Team You Can Trust

At J & I we have over 25 years of experience helping to get business premises back to beautiful at the end of a lease period. We take a huge amount of pride in ensuring that our staff are highly trained in customer courtesy, punctuality, precise and skilled cleaning techniques, and work environment respect. We’re also always updating employee security checks, safety training and other government-recommended guidelines for best practise within our industry.

Any Business, Any Turnaround Time, Any Size

We accept contracts from businesses and professional individuals who are moving to a new premises and require an end-of-lease clean before they return the business rental to the landlord. We also provide this service to landlords who want a business deep clean before renting it out to new tenants. Commercial letting agencies and commercial sales agents also utilise our service to boost their chance of letting and sales on business listings.

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A Thorough End Of Lease Clean You Can Trust

We understand that a business end-of-lease clean needs to be quick, efficient and thorough. Our team knows that business owners renting a space require it to be clean and in great condition to get their deposit back. Landlords also require that a rental space is in fantastic condition to get that space leased again quickly. 

Our part to play in this process is ensuring that no part of the premises – from top to bottom – is left untouched including; front of house areas, storage, desks, kitchen areas, washrooms, breakout areas and break rooms – to name a few. Whether an area needs dusting, vacuuming, polishing, wiping, scrubbing or steaming we’ll get the job done. 

We also have special equipment for deep cleaning carpets, hard flooring, upholstery and furniture. 

By the end of a business end-of-lease clean by J & I you will be confident that the property is in phenomenal condition, ready for its next lease. 

J & I Are Equipped For Success

No business end-of-lease cleaning contract is too short notice, complex, specialist, large or small for our skilled team. In addition to our expertise, we have a number of high-grade tools and cleaning sprays and solutions that sanitise de-grime and shine various surface types.

We’re also pleased to let you know that although our cleaning chemicals are effective in killing bacteria and germs, they don’t leave a strong smell behind. The only way you’ll know we have been cleaning your business premises is from the cleanliness and an overall pleasant fresh scent. Our sprays and buffers also don’t leave any streaks, stickiness or marks, just a sparkling gleam.

Tailored to your individual requirements.

Office Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Washroom Cleaning

Staff Room Cleaning

We’re Ready To Transform Your End-Of-Lease Business Premises

We offer phenomenal cleaning in all commercial environments of all sizes, completed by a punctual, skilled and courteous team. 

At the end of your business lease consider J & I for flexible, efficient and thorough cleaning for fantastic results and convenience, all at highly competitive prices.

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