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Commercial Hotel Deep Cleaning Services London

J & I offer thorough, industrial, deep hotel cleaning services for premises of all sizes so that your staff, customers and hospitality guests have the best possible experience during their time with you.
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Comprehensive Deep Hotel Cleaning Services You Can Trust

With over 25 years of experience, we specialise in commercial cleaning services for hotels, ensuring your establishment is always at its best. We take pride in adhering to all UK safety laws and legislation, providing you with a team that is 100% security checked and trained in the latest hotel cleaning techniques.

Our commercial hotel cleaning services are not just about maintaining cleanliness, but also about ensuring a seamless operation. We understand that hotels operate around the clock, and our team is trained to work efficiently and discreetly during your business hours. Punctuality, respect, and discretion are the hallmarks of our service.

We stay updated with the latest guidelines and training, ensuring our uniformed team is always ready to deliver top-notch hotel cleaning services. Our goal is to have your hotel looking immaculate in no time. Trust J & I for all your hotel cleaning needs, and experience the difference that a professionally cleaned hotel can make.

Specialist Deep Hotel Cleaning

J & I provide commercial hotel deep cleaning for all kinds of hotels and hotel environments. From kitchen and restaurant hygiene to carpet cleaning room to room – we can get the job done right. 

Our hotel cleaners in London know that for any hospitality business to survive in today’s economy, cleanliness and hygiene has to go above and beyond maintenance levels. This is particularly true since Covid-19 impacted the world. 

By keeping your hotel thoroughly cleaned you let your staff, customers and investors know that you value them. It also boosts your brand, letting potential customers know that you are running a professional and trustworthy establishment. 

When it comes to deep cleaning a hotel, our team is experienced in ensuring that every surface is tended to, and freshened. We deep clean kitchens, bar areas, carpets, curtains, soft furnishings and more so that the cleanliness goes far beyond a surface level clean. During that time, we continue to remain sensitive to the hotel environment and pay special care and attention to ensure all equipment and surfaces are protected and remain damage-free during this rigorous process. 

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We’re Equipped To Do An Incredible Job

J & I only ever supply the team with trusted tools and cleaning solutions so that your hotel is thoroughly cleansed from top to bottom. Whether you need common stains and deep levels of dirt removed from the carpets, or a thorough post Covid-19 exposure clean, we work efficiently and with the very best products available for the job. We also have access to deep cleaning machines, tools and services where they are needed so you’re guaranteed supreme results. 

We’re also pleased to let you know that our products are proven to remove dirt, debris and nasty smells whilst effectively killing common bacteria, germs and the Covid-19 virus. Despite their effectiveness, these products are streak free and only leave a light, fresh and pleasant fragrance behind. 

Tailored to your individual requirements.

Floor Cleaning

Lobby Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Stockroom Cleaning

Communal Area Cleaning

J & I Hotel Cleaning Services Can Get Your Premises Sparkle Clean

At J & I, we offer top-notch hotel cleaning services in London and across key locations in the UK, including Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham, and Sheffield. Our reliable and competitively priced services ensure a fresh, hygienic, and safe environment for your guests and staff.

Equipped with advanced cleaning tools and a dedicated team, we deliver tailored hotel cleaning services to suit any contract type, at any time. From deep cleaning guest rooms to maintaining common areas, we cover all aspects of hotel cleanliness.

Choose J & I for your hotel cleaning needs and experience the difference of a professionally cleaned hotel. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations, no matter the location.

Agnieszka Kramarczyk
Best Cleaning Company in London A ***
Ling Ling
Excellent work! Very happy about the service!!!
Massimo Prete
Great service from start to finish, punctual survey and quote and an impeccable deep cleaning for my restaurant. Everything looks spotless now. Highly recommend them!
I had wonderful and easy experience with J&I Cleaning Services. Cleaners was punctual and they provided professional and efficient service. They left our house properly cleaned and fresh . Highly recommend them .
Enrique Schwartz
Outstanding and on time.
Amanda Wilkinson
Amazing job - my flat was in a bad state and the cleaners made it look like new - brilliant
Paul Farr
Highly Recommended..

Hotel Deep Cleaning Faqs

What does hotel deep cleaning entail?

Hotel deep cleaning involves a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of all areas within the hotel, including guest rooms, common areas, lobbies, hallways, restrooms, kitchens, and staff areas. This service goes beyond regular cleaning by focusing on detail-oriented tasks such as deep carpet cleaning, upholstery and drapery cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, wall and ceiling cleaning, and sanitization of high-touch surfaces.

How often should hotels undergo deep cleaning?

The frequency of hotel deep cleaning depends on factors such as foot traffic, the size of the facility, and the hotel’s cleanliness standards. Generally, we recommend deep cleaning at least once or twice a year. However, high-traffic hotels or those with specific cleanliness requirements may benefit from more frequent deep cleaning services.

What measures do we take to ensure the safety of hotel guests and staff during deep cleaning?

The safety of hotel guests and staff is our top priority during the deep cleaning process. Our cleaning technicians are trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow industry best practices for infection control. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products that are effective in removing dirt and germs while being safe for guests and staff. Additionally, we can schedule deep cleaning during low-occupancy periods to minimise any potential impact on hotel guests.

Will hotel deep cleaning services disrupt hotel operations?

We understand the importance of minimising disruption to hotel operations during deep cleaning. Our cleaning staff work efficiently and discreetly, coordinating with hotel management to schedule cleaning tasks during low-traffic periods or overnight. We also focus on communication and collaboration to ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process that meets the needs of the hotel while causing minimal inconvenience to guests and staff.

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