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Commercial Hotel Deep Cleaning Services London

J & I offer thorough, industrial, deep hotel cleaning services for premises of all sizes so that your staff, customers and hospitality guests have the best possible experience during their time with you.
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Comprehensive Deep Hotel Cleaning Services You Can Trust

At J & I we have been operating for over 25 years, providing exceptional commercial hotel deep cleans to businesses just like yours. We are so proud to operate within all UK safety laws and legislation so you can feel reassured that our fantastic team is 100% security checked. We’re also always staying up to date with training, cleaning techniques and the latest guidelines so that all our uniformed employees are prepped and ready to get your hotel sparkling clean in no time. 

As the hotel is a sensitive environment that we may be cleaning during opening hours, we want to let you know that our team is also guaranteed to be on time, mindful, polite and discreet on each and every job they attend. 

Specialist Deep Hotel Cleaning

J & I provide commercial hotel deep cleaning for all kinds of hotels and hotel environments. From kitchen and restaurant hygiene to carpet cleaning room to room – we can get the job done right. 

Our hotel cleaners in London know that for any hospitality business to survive in today’s economy, cleanliness and hygiene has to go above and beyond maintenance levels. This is particularly true since Covid-19 impacted the world. 

By keeping your hotel thoroughly cleaned you let your staff, customers and investors know that you value them. It also boosts your brand, letting potential customers know that you are running a professional and trustworthy establishment. 

When it comes to deep cleaning a hotel, our team is experienced in ensuring that every surface is tended to, and freshened. We deep clean kitchens, bar areas, carpets, curtains, soft furnishings and more so that the cleanliness goes far beyond a surface level clean. During that time, we continue to remain sensitive to the hotel environment and pay special care and attention to ensure all equipment and surfaces are protected and remain damage-free during this rigorous process. 

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We’re Equipped To Do An Incredible Job

J & I only ever supply the team with trusted tools and cleaning solutions so that your hotel is thoroughly cleansed from top to bottom. Whether you need common stains and deep levels of dirt removed from the carpets, or a thorough post Covid-19 exposure clean, we work efficiently and with the very best products available for the job. We also have access to deep cleaning machines, tools and services where they are needed so you’re guaranteed supreme results. 

We’re also pleased to let you know that our products are proven to remove dirt, debris and nasty smells whilst effectively killing common bacteria, germs and the Covid-19 virus. Despite their effectiveness, these products are streak free and only leave a light, fresh and pleasant fragrance behind. 

Tailored to your individual requirements.

Floor Cleaning

Lobby Cleaning

Restroom Cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Stockroom Cleaning

Communal Area Cleaning

J & I Hotel Cleaning Services Can Get Your Premises Sparkle Clean

Offering reliable and effective cleaning at a competitive price, we are here to help you provide a fresh, hygienic, safe space for your customers & employees. 

Equipped with deep cleaning tools and solutions, precise techniques and dedicated staff, J & I will deliver effective hotel cleaning services to suit any contract type, any time. 

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