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Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services London

Delivering Professional Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning UK-Wide.
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Benefits of a Kitchen deep cleaning & why you need it.

We understand that kitchen deep cleaning is as important as keeping the front of house clean and tidy. Without an effective clean, food and grease can build up underneath or around your equipment, reducing the efficiency of your equipment and potentially risking health and safety.

We help our clients gain peace of mind by providing a professional and efficient deep clean from a team who are all trained to deliver excellence as standard. Our professional cleaners have experience deep cleaning a wide variety of kitchens across the country while ensuring full compliance with industry regulations and minimal disruption to your business. And as a 24-hour business, J&I can even offer overnight cleans to keep your kitchen up and running during your busiest hours of the day.

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kitchen deep cleaning services

J&I provide a wide range of benefits that make regular appointments worthwhile.

Reducing the risk of food poisoning

Extending the life of your equipment

Reducing the risk of pest problems

Meeting government standards

Increasing the efficiency of your hot equipment through grease removal

We also offer a Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Cleaning Service here at J&I Cleaning to prevent grease build up in your kitchens ventilation ducts.

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Our fully qualified deep cleaning team provide all their own equipment and cleaning solutions.

Specific tools are used to tackle each area of the kitchen, including:

Ovens, grills, fryers and hobs

Fridges, sinks and storage equipment

Food preparation surfaces and other tables

Floors, ceilings, walls and tiles

Kitchen deep cleaning Certification.

On completion of each deep clean, we issue a certificate of conformity that enables you to easily demonstrate to your environmental health officers & insurers your due diligence to minimise health risks.

At J&I Cleaning Services Ltd we work to extremely high standards to ensure that your business complies with all laws and regulations, giving you peace of mind.

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Reliable, consistent, friendly, professional and safe service that will guarantee cleaning standards.

Fully equipped with all the tools and cleaning solutions they require, our uniformed staff deliver a bespoke level of service that can be adapted to suit any environment or schedule.

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