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Commercial Sanitisation Cleaning Services London

Safeguard your premises with antiviral sanitisation cleaning services provided by experienced professionals.
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Sanitisation cleans amid coronavirus outbreak

The rapid spread and contagion risk of the COVID-19 outbreak impacting UK’s schools, hospitals, care homes and businesses deserves adequate response measures. Consequently, everyone has started to become more vigilant about the need to disinfect their premises.

At J&I Cleaning Services we have implemented special measures to address the pandemic to help reduce the risk of it spreading. With our years of cleaning expertise, our professional staff are offering bespoke tailored specialist hygiene and sanitisation deep cleaning services to disinfect sites to reduce the risk of viral infection. Our highly trained teams, with the use of specialist equipment, can quickly, efficiently and professionally sanitise your premises.

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sanitisation cleaning services

Have your Premises professionally sanitised with us in 3 simple steps!

Call or email us to book your antiviral service

We will send a fully equipped and protected team to your premises

The team will sanitise all required surfaces with the use of a certified virucidal
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Sanitisation Prices

Our sanitisation and disinfection services are available within the London and Greater London area, please call to enquire for a specific region.

There are two services to choose from:

Commercial Sanitisation Prices

Antiviral Sanitisation
Antiviral Fogging
Up to 50 sq.m
£230 (excl. VAT)
£290 (excl. VAT)
50 – 100 sq.m
£260 (excl. VAT)
£300 (excl. VAT)
100 – 250 sq.m
£360 (excl. VAT)
£400 (excl. VAT)
250 – 400 sq.m
£420 (excl. VAT)
£480 (excl. VAT)
400 – 500 sq.m
£520 (excl. VAT)
£530 (excl. VAT)
550 – 700 sq.m
£600 (excl. VAT)
£650 (excl. VAT)
700 – 850 sq.m
£700 (excl. VAT)
£750 (excl. VAT)
850 – 1000 sq.m
£730 (excl. VAT)
£760 (excl. VAT)

Residential Sanitisation Prices

Antiviral Sanitisation
£140 (excl. VAT)
1 bedroom
£160 (excl. VAT)
2 bedroom
£190 (excl. VAT)
3 bedroom
£240 (excl. VAT)
4 bedroom
£290 (excl. VAT)
5 bedroom
£330 (excl. VAT)
6 bedroom
£390 (excl. VAT)

Disinfection process using fogging

We deliver professional disinfection and decontamination services by fogging the premises with a highly effective Virucidal, ensuring the highest level of hygiene. However, we also manually sanitise areas that cannot be fogged such as electrical equipment.

Our sanitisation process includes sanitising to all surfaces, focusing on common touchpoints including equipment, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens, and toilets etc. depending on your requirements.

In the case of offices, we not only clean the office premises, but we will also see to the sanitization of common areas such as staircases, lifts, kitchens, receptions, meeting & board rooms, corridors and lobbies.

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During the disinfection process, our operatives use protective equipment and specialised cleaning tools and methods to carry out the extensive sanitisation services. Each specialist clean is also followed up with a full report, pictures and video detailing surfaces and areas covered.

Our sanitising teams are available 24 hours a day and we can attend to emergency callouts.

At J&I Cleaning Services we are also offering precautionary, scheduled daily and weekly cleans for clients requiring the highest levels of hygiene. This service can be tailored to the requirements of the client, and it can include daily or weekly fogging and common touchpoints.

Disinfecting Virucidal

The Virucidal we use has efficacy data raised for known bacteria and viruses including, E-Coli, Polio, Coronavirus, Influenza and SARS.

The product that we have assigned to these specialist services is the VIRUSOLVE+, which is a “high effective disinfectant against the 2019 Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)” as stated by the manufacturer Amity International.


The product used confirms the following standards:

  • BS 6471
  • BS 6424
  • BS 6905
  • EN 1275
  • EN 1276
  • EN 13727
  • EN 14347
  • EN 14348
  • EN 13697
  • EN 13704
  • EN 14476
  • EN 14561
  • EN 14562
  • EN 14563
  • EN 16615

Meeting these standards means that the product is non-toxic and can be used on medical equipment. The product is also odourless and colourless.

Book a covid-19 sanitisation deep clean

We are specialists in coronavirus deep cleaning for all types of premises. Our decontamination services reduce the chances of onward transmission and cross-infection.

If you have suspected contamination or want to have your premises deep cleaned professionally to reduce the threat of COVID-19 and stay safe, call J&I Cleaning Services now for assistance!

If you would like to learn more about our cleaning, decontamination and fogging services, please get in touch via email at [email protected], via our contact form, or call us directly on 02088663413 (Office Hours) or 07446158010 (Out of Hours).

Our prices start from £300 + VAT for an office.

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Fact: BS EN 1276 is the European standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants. To pass this standard, products must prove a germ kill rate of 99.999% with 5 minutes of contact.

Reliable, consistent, friendly, professional and safe service that will guarantee cleaning standards.

Fully equipped with all the tools and cleaning solutions they require, our uniformed staff deliver a bespoke level of service that can be adapted to suit any environment or schedule.

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