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Commercial Washroom Cleaning Services In London

We offer thorough commercial washroom cleaning services so that you can ensure your staff and customers have access to only the most hygienic facilities day after day.
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Tailored Commercial Washroom Cleaning You Can Rely On

At J & I we have been operating for over 25 years providing clients with exceptional commercial washroom cleaning. We proudly operate within all the latest UK security regulations ensuring every staff member on our team is checked for complete reassurance. They are also equipped with fantastic cleaning equipment, solutions & sprays, health and safety training and customer service training. With this dedication to doing a great job, you can be assured you’re only going to get phenomenal results.

Specialist Commercial Washroom Cleaning

A washroom is a place that can be rife with germs, bacteria, mould as well as human waste. Because of this, we apply specialist cleaning techniques to commercial washroom cleans to ensure that the facilities used by your customers and staff are safe and clean. 

Special attention is paid to deep clean areas like toilets and urinals, as well as thorough servicing of commonly missed surfaces like the flooring around the facilities, or the back of cubicle doors. 

Our team also ensures that maximum cleaning coverage occurs with commercial washroom cleaning, so every surface is sanitised. Flooring, mirrors, taps, sink surrounds – every surface is sparkling clean when we complete a commercial washroom clean. We’re also proud to use no-smear sprays that kill bacteria and germs without leaving streaks, marks or chemical odours. 

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Any Washroom, Any Time, Any Size

Our dedicated team works on multiple commercial washroom cleaning contracts, from large service station washrooms to multiple facilities within corporate buildings. Regardless of the contract, the same dedicated, skilled approach is applied for fantastic results. 

We’re also pleased to provide uniformed staff who are skilled at being discreet, courteous and quick when they enter a commercial space to work. Because of this, you are guaranteed to see minimal disruption or disturbance of your workplace or retail environment, just a fresh and pleasantly clean washroom when the job is complete. 

Our team is also ready to work on a single contract, repeat contract or emergency contract. We know commercial cleaning often needs to occur out of hours, out of sight, or in the case of flooding, accidents or issues. We’re always on hand and ready to tackle any commercial washroom clean of any size, whenever you need it. 

J&I Are Equipped For Success

Our team uses tools and procedures that deliver the best possible cleaning results in your commercial washroom. We have specialist equipment as well as all the latest cleaning tools and solutions to ensure the job is completed to a high standard. Recently, we have made improvements to ensure our products work within Covid-19 cleaning demands, killing off the virus and germs as effectively as is currently possible in regards to surface cleaning.

Tailored to your individual requirements.

Toilet Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Sanitisation Cleaning

Shower Cleaning

Our Team Are Ready To Give Your Commercial Washroom A Superior Clean

Flexible, high-grade, reliable commercial washroom cleaning that guarantees fresh and hygienic surroundings for your customers and staff to use. 

Equipped with trusted tools and the best cleaning solutions that guarantee our hard working team can deliver impressive commercial washroom cleaning to suit any business type, any time, any size. 

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