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Essential Hygiene: It’s Time To Schedule In Regular Gym Cleaning

There are over 7 million health and fitness clubs in the UK, many of which have had a difficult few years because of the Covid-19 pandemic forcing shut-downs across the board. 

During that time, when the opportunity came to reopen you likely had to increase your cleaning and sanitisation regime to meet the latest guidelines on Covid-19 health and safety.

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Now that we’re in a ‘post pandemic’ phase, perhaps you’re relaxing the prioritisation of your gym cleaning regime. 

Whilst you may be able to benefit from reduced social distancing measures and being able to reopen the use of certain features like the jacuzzi or pool, regular cleaning should still be at the top of your priority list. If anything, the pandemic should have set the precedent for how hygienic we should keep a gym space moving forward. 

Still not convinced? Read on to find out why regular gym cleaning really is a must: 

To Avoid Bad Smells

Unclean areas don’t smell very nice, especially with the addition of bodily fluids. It’s unpleasant, but true. With regular cleaning, any smelly residues can be removed, any growing bacteria causing a bad smell can be neutralised, and the germs killed off, leaving only a pleasant, neutral smell behind for staff and customers to enjoy. 

Overall Hygiene

The gym is somewhere that naturally generates more heat because of all the people inside working hard, as well as the machines being used, such as treadmills. 

In addition to heat, the gym also contains a lot of moisture because of saliva droplets and breath, sweat and other bodily fluids that naturally spread more easily when we are exercising and using facilities like toilets, showers and changing rooms. 

Those two things combined create a really exciting home for germs and bacteria to spread, grow and thrive, without any additional factors. Yet, there are additional factors that push that bacterial spread and growth further. For example, check out the following study findings in regards to gym sanitation practises by gym users: 


  • Nearly 40% of gym-goers don’t wipe down equipment during afternoon use of the gym
  • Over 30% of men never wipe down weight machines when they use them
  • 25% of women never wipe down cardio equipment when they use it
  • Over 50% of people going to the gym never wash their hands, but do consider to use the gym equipment


With all of these combined factors you can not only expect to find germs like Staphylococcus, MRSA, Athletes Foot, Herpes and more in a gym environment, but you can expect them to multiply in huge numbers without the correct cleaning regime. For this reason, not only is it essential to clean everywhere, including easily missed but regularly used surfaces like lift buttons, toilet doors and exercise mats, but to do so regularly to keep on top of the constant natural spread of germs from employees and gym users. 

To Compete In A Challenging Economy

The world economy is suffering the after-effects of all kinds of unprecedented challenges within the last few years, and businesses who want to survive and earn the money of cash-strapped customers, have to really step-up to compete. 

Luckily, there is a health trend that continues to grow year on year, and that does encourage people to continue to use gym services. However, with that trend rising, more gyms are opening which means more competition. People do still also have less money to spend on gym services too with the cost of living crisis. To survive, you have to be of a higher standard to win the business of repeat and new customers. 

To Maintain Equipment & Other Surfaces

Setting up a gym is not cheap, and so it makes good business sense to do everything you can to protect equipment and surfaces so that you don’t have to replace everything more often than is necessary. 

You can help to protect surfaces with good introduction sessions that show customers how to use equipment correctly, and also with regular deep cleaning to remove buildups of dirt and debris. 

It’s also important to ensure that the right cleaning solutions are used on equipment so that it doesn’t fade or degrade.

In addition, carpets in particular can benefit greatly from daily cleaning, as sharp dirt particles and stains can grind against carpet fibres as people walk on the surface, causing damage and a decrease in the aesthetic quality of the carpet. 

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With an exceptional cleaning company like J & I providing your gym cleaning for you on a regular basis, you can be sure that the hygiene, aesthetic, odour and quality of your health business is maintained. Prices are competitive, schedules are worked around your needs, and having a professional team do the job for you leaves you and your team the time to focus on other important areas of the business, further enhancing your chance of growth and surviving in this challenging economic environment. 

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