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Why Is It So Important For Employers To Keep Office Space Clean?

Office hygiene is something that is commonly discussed in every workplace, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic as most businesses had to step up their sanitisation during peak pandemic times in order to keep employees safe. 

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Now that the UK is considered to be past the worst of the pandemic, have you found yourself putting office cleaning lower on the priority list of jobs to do? If that sounds like you, it’s sometimes helpful to check out the various reasons that office cleanliness is so important, and needs to stay high on your list of jobs to do in the workplace. 

Let’s take a closer look at why it is so important for employers to keep the office clean and hygienic: 

To Keep Employees Happy

Over 85% of employees would like their employer to provide healthier workspace benefits like ergonomic workstations and gym passes. At a basic level, they also expect a clean and hygienic workplace, before trimmings like wellness benefits should be considered. It’s a basic expectation – a fresh, clean and healthy workspace that reflects how much the company values your work and input. 

To Keep Nasties At Bay

Bacteria, viruses and other nasty spreadable germs will spread and thrive in an unclean office. Did you know that over 10 million bacteria live on the average office desk, 400X the amount found on the average loo seat! Regular cleaning helps to kill those bacteria, and regular cleaning keeps on top of the numbers. 

Just one infected employee can spread their illness to half of the surfaces in the workplace in just 4 hours after they arrive for their shift, which means that cleaning once a week just won’t cut it. 

In reality, communal areas and surfaces require thorough cleaning once a day, at least to keep everything hygienic, and to help prevent workplace illnesses spreading at speed. 

To Preserve Equipment

Dirt and debris can slowly degrade most surface-types. Keyboards can start sticking, high-traffic areas of the carpet can start to fade as dirt gets trodden in, mould can start to accumulate in high-moisture areas. This results in office equipment and furnishings degrading faster than they need to, costing you more money to replace them in the long run. Regular cleaning daily, as well as quarterly deep cleans and carpet deep cleans helps to cleanse equipment and boost its longevity, saving you money in the long-run. 

Because Of The Law

Under the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 you are legally required to ensure *as far as it reasonably practical* the health, safety and welfare at work of your employees. This includes providing comfortable conditions, hygienic conditions and clean conditions. For complete compliance, regular office cleaning needs to be a priority. 

To Enhance Your Brand

Whether workplace cleanliness is impacting employee retention, or it’s making an impression on a new client coming in for a meeting, your office says a lot about your brand. Anybody walking into a fresh, clean and beautiful office can see that you’re a business who pays attention to detail, who values employee safety and happiness, and who has high standards. 

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Why Not Get A Little Help To Uphold Those Hygiene Standards?

Would you like to maintain a clean, fresh and hygienic office without having to put in the time or energy yourself? J & I can help. With exceptional tools, cleaning solutions, cleaning techniques, and a team that only works to the highest of standards, you can have your office cleaned at a competitive rate. 

Contracts can be worked around your needs, with overnight or early morning cleaning options available.

Why not get a quote today so that your business can benefit from all of the above, all whilst you regain extra time to put towards other matters to take your business from strength to strength in challenging economic times. 

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