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Professional Cleaning Services: What to Expect

It’s no secret that the modern age is busy. People are busy with work, life, and family; companies are often pushed on efficiency and profitability. Unfortunately, this hustle culture seldom leaves much free time for most people. As a result, homes, offices, and workspaces get messy and can feel out of control. When it all becomes too overwhelming, it’s likely time to employ professional cleaners to assist in making things manageable and maintained. But what does that look like, and what can even be expected from a professional cleaner? First, it’s important to know what you want before you start looking for the perfect individual or company to handle your cleaning needs to discover if their services align with your requirements. Below are a few services considered standard in the industry; however always discuss with your chosen provider to confirm their offering aligns with your needs.

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Regular Cleaning Inclusions

There are a few things a professional commercial cleaning company usually provides. This includes quality cleaning products and the tools needed to do their job properly. These will also consider any special needs or requests from a client to account for allergies or special cleaning requirements, whether in a home environment or office. Depending on the size of the place, you may want to have more than one cleaner from a company to work, which speeds up the process. It helps to communicate your expectations, too, as some clients only expect light cleaning, while others want a regular clean that also covers extras such as ironing. Your cleaner needs to know this to deliver their best service, so again, communication is key. A precise setting of expectations at the outset will keep everyone happy and knowing what to do. Additionally, a regular clean generally won’t take significant amounts of time, but it will cover crucial tasks such as:


  • Clearing up rubbish, taking it out and replacing the bin liner
  • Making beds
  • Dusting, cleaning floors, wiping walls and surfaces
  • Tidying/ putting things away
  • Cleaning bathrooms, including the toilet(s), any sinks, bathtub or shower facilities and shining the mirrors
  • Cleaning kitchen facilities, including putting dishes away, wiping counters, and appliances

Deep Cleaning

There are times when a deep cleaning service is required. This is a service that is necessary for both business and domestic cleaning environments and should be conducted at least every six months. It can also be done for a special event when a space needs to be sparkling and clean or when someone moves in or out of a house. This service takes longer to complete, but the results from a great cleaning company are well worth it and provide peace of mind for even the most clean-focused client. Deep cleaning aims to remove the dirt and grime that has built up over time, which tends to live in hard-to-reach places that may be overlooked in a regular clean. It may also be that everyday cleaning products are simply not enough to get these jobs done, so a deep clean is necessary. So what can be expected from a deep clean, depending on your chosen company? Services may include:


  • Cleaning and treatment of mould and mildew
  • Getting into hard-to-reach corners and crevices to clean, including high level cleaning
  • Rodent assessment and advice
  • Getting behind and under furniture and kitchen appliances 
  • Moving furniture to clean under and behind stationery items
  • Cleaning an oven or fridge and eliminating grime that has build-up
  • Thoroughly cleaning inside appliances such as a microwave, cabinets, and cupboards
  • Deep scrub and any necessary chemical treatments of bathrooms
  • Thorough cleaning under sinks
  • Cleaning windows and frames
  • A deep dusting of all surfaces 
  • Removal of cobwebs and other debris
  • Use of specialised tools and cleaning products

Clean and Clear Expectations

When you are looking to hire a professional cleaner, you’re no doubt seeking the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a professional, whether at the office or home. Trust and reliability are key for both sides. As mentioned a few times now, the best way to clearly understand and be clear on your needs and if a company can meet them is to communicate. This leaves everyone happier, knowing what needs to be done and also knowing what to expect. This leaves less room for error on the cleaners’ part and limits feeling upset that your cleaning company has not met your requests or expectations. 


Once you have a trustworthy cleaner with whom you can have open expectations and discussions and who does a great job, your space can be one less thing to worry about. 

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Why Not Get A Little Help To Uphold Those Hygiene Standards?

Would you like to maintain a clean, fresh and hygienic office without having to put in the time or energy yourself? J & I can help. With exceptional tools, cleaning solutions, cleaning techniques, and a team that only works to the highest of standards, you can have your office cleaned at a competitive rate. 

Contracts can be worked around your needs, with overnight or early morning cleaning options available.

Why not get a quote today so that your business can benefit from all of the above, all whilst you regain extra time to put towards other matters to take your business from strength to strength in challenging economic times. 

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