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Importance of Gym Cleaning

If you’re a gym owner it’s important to have this space regularly cleaned by professionals and we explore the reasons this should be top of your priority list. 

Going to the gym comes with many benefits including; reducing the risk of common diseases, helping maintain a healthy weight, working out your muscles and helping to boost mental health. There are over 10 million customers of gyms across the UK who make the most of these benefits by attending a gym regularly, but that doesn’t mean this kind of environment comes without its risks. 

In this article, we shine the spotlight on the risk of maintaining an unhygienic gym and the many benefits associated with having it cleaned professionally by a company like J & I. If you’re the owner of a gym of any size, you’ll want to keep reading so that you can provide the safest and cleanest environment for your customers and staff: 

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Why Should You Clean A Gym Regularly?

There is no doubt that as a responsible gym owner you know that cleaning your gym is important. However, most gym owners don’t realise that regular efficient cleaning is necessary to ensure proper hygiene. 

For example; did you know that free weights in gyms can hold over 350 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, 70% of which can cause infections? 

Another scientific study on various gym surfaces like floor mats and exercise machines showed that a massive 17 bacterial families can thrive in the average gym, including salmonella, staphylococcus and micrococcus.

The reason that these kinds of germs exist and thrive here is because the gym is used by multiple people who are sweating, all following different levels of hygiene and who all carry their own treasure trove of bacteria around with them at any one time. Machines are also often warm, which bacteria loves, and bodily fluids like sweat can flick and drip, spreading those bacteria around further and providing moisture, something else these tiny disease spreaders thrive on. 

Without regular cleaning, this huge range of bacteria multiplies, more bacteria comes in through different customers, and over time, it isn’t difficult to see how just one piece of gym equipment would be teeming with germs. The result of this bacteria being allowed to remain and spread, is the potential for at the least – nasty smells and residues in your gym, and at most, customers and staff members getting unwell using your facilities. 

Any gym owner who wants a premises that is fresh, clean and hygienic has to constantly clean their workout space so that bodily fluids, dirt, debris and germs spread around by customers and staff are not left to fester. 

Why Is A Basic Clean Not Enough?

There are measures you can take to help customers and staff keep the gym clean. Signs asking for handwashing, machine wipe downs after use and towels being put down can encourage better hygiene, but you can’t trust everybody to make that effort. Statistics tell us that over half of people who go to the gym do not wash their hands in the bathroom, and they then go on to use gym equipment. 35% of men and 25% of women also fail to wipe down equipment after use. 

MRSA, fungal infections, cold and flu germs, COVID-19, staphylococcus and other nasty bacteria and contaminants will thrive in your gym if you don’t take control.

Requesting your customers to take good care of themselves and their hygiene habits is a great action to take, and you may be tempted to complete your own basic clean every day. A quick wipe down of equipment, a vacuum and a spritz of air freshener and the place is bacteria free, right? 

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. For a gym to be properly hygienic it requires a thorough clean using the right equipment, solutions and techniques so that no germs are left to hide and thrive. 

During a professional clean from J & I you can expect us to vacuum, wipe, mop and freshen the gym so that it is fresh and clean ready for the next day’s use. In addition, these commonly overlooked areas are cleaned by our team: 

  • Exercise balls, weights and machines
  • Exercise mats
  • Cardio machines
  • Exercise bikes
  • Locker room benches, flooring and tables
  • Showers
  • Mirrors
  • Door handles, entry barriers and other commonly touched surfaces

This kind of attention to detail applied regularly ensures that bacteria, dirt and debris is constantly dealt with for a hygienic, fresh and pleasant workout environment.

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With this kind of attention to detail your gym will continue to maintain great customer retention and acquisition, ensuring your business is known for being truly health focused from top to bottom.

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