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Importance of Kitchen Grease Extract Cleaning

In both commercial and domestic environments, kitchens are incredibly important. In UK homes, half of us cook for our family every single day in them, and at the very least start the day off with a morning brew in the aptly named heart of the home. For commercial kitchens, the space is a hotbed of activity, designed to produce all kinds of culinary delights and drinks, everyday. It’s a vital part of the business, and sometimes the very basis of the business itself. 

With the kitchen being so important in both commercial and domestic settings, maintenance is key. This is to ensure hygiene, aesthetics and health and safety standards are maintained. 

In all aspects, daily kitchen cleaning with some regular deep cleanses makes sense, but certain jobs are much more important to complete without fail, in particular – cleaning the grease from the extractor fan. It’s an often overlooked job, and yet, there are some strong reasons that it is prioritised and marked clearly on the calendar. 

If you’re not convinced, check out these reasons that domestic and commercial kitchens need to prioritise grease extractor cleaning

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You May Experience Air Quality Issues

The way that an extractor works in a kitchen is to suck the contaminated air out and ensure the environment stays free from pollutants such as smoke. When the duct is not cleaned regularly, the air quality in the kitchen is compromised because air pollutants are not escaping as they should be. 

In a commercial kitchen that can be problematic, especially if the smoke and smells seep into the rest of the business premises.

At home, an extractor that is blocked could mean you get grease or smoke stains on the ceiling, which are very difficult to remove. In addition, the family home air quality could be decreased, which is problematic as we, as a society, already battle issues with outdoor air quality, so it’s important to protect the place you expect to feel safest by ensuring pollutants are filtered out. 

The Extra Effort To Run Costs More

A duct that is not clean will cost more to run as it uses up more energy trying to work efficiently despite the blockages. This is never a positive for any household or business, but especially at a time when energy bills are rising astronomically. Regular cleaning of your extractor helps to prevent grease buildup, and prevent your energy usage rising more.

Businesses Will Struggle To Meet Various Legal Regulations

If your extractor in a commercial kitchen is blocked up with grease you may well find that you do not meet various government regulations, including those minimising health and fire risks for your employees. You can read more about this here so you can avoid accidentally breaking the law by missing this important kitchen maintenance job off the list.

Vermin Infestations Are More Likely

Grease trapped in your extractor duct is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for all kinds of pests. This issue often occurs in the plumbing grease trap of a commercial kitchen, but it can happen anywhere that grease is openly accessible to animals and insects, which is why a greasy extractor fan is a risk for this kind of problem. Flies, cockroaches and ants are particularly partial to a grease feast, so cleaning your duct is an important part of minimising your risk of getting lots of unexpected visitors in your cooking space.

It May Be Stinky

A blocked duct not only causes the smell of food and smoke to be trapped in the home, but it can also smell very fatty (a little like a chip shop). Even if the trapped grease does not smell bad, because the extractor isn’t working as it should, you may well find that you smell more greasy after cooking with oil, which can be unpleasant. 

It May Trap Allergens

Allergies affect 1 in 4 people in the UK, and a blocked extractor can exacerbate the issue. It can cause allergens to become trapped inside, instead, allowing them to circulate and irritate the airways of those who suffer with allergies in the home, or commercial kitchen.

Let Us Professionally Clean Your Commercial Or Domestic Kitchen Extractor

Why Not Let J & I carry out your extractor cleaning periodically? This will ensure that it continues to work well, free from any buildup of dirt and debris. 

For commercial kitchens you may require cleaning a few times a year, annually, or every few years depending on how the kitchen is used. We can give you our recommendations for a professional cleaning schedule when you get in touch. 

What we can tell you now, is that having your kitchen extractor professionally cleaned by our company will help you to maintain high levels of hygiene, health and safety, with proof of that easily available to help with a compliance paper trail.

Even better, we can also provide further kitchen deep cleaning of your ovens, sinks, storage areas and flooring to help you maintain exceptional health and safety standards throughout your premises. This can only go to enhance your employee retention and acquisition, client loyalty, kitchen efficiency and the potential lifespan of expensive commercial-grade appliances. 

We have the tools, expertise and cleaning techniques to get your kitchen extractor fan spotless, for better functionality, odour control and health and safety compliance, all at a competitive price. Why not get in touch with J & I today for a quote?

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