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Importance of Cleaning

In this article we look at the key benefits of using a commercial cleaning company so you can start reaping the rewards of outsourcing today. 

Hiring a professional cleaning company like J & I makes perfect business sense. It saves you money, time, energy, and brings a heap of extra benefits you may not have even thought about. 

You may, though, be struggling with the idea of spending money on something that you feel could be done by yourself, or your team. Don’t worry, many business owners like you make that same mistake, focusing on financial savings whilst losing out on a high number of potential benefits that come with outsourcing cleaning. 

If you’re still wondering whether you should outsource your cleaning to a commercial cleaning company, checkout these 11 reasons hiring a professional to get the job done is a great idea: 

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1) Environmental Cleaning

Many toxic cleaning products find their way into the water system, and whilst they might effectively clean the premises, they don’t help out the planet much at all. The packaging these products come in also contributes to the 43.9 million tonnes of commercial & industrial waste created by the UK every year, 2.5 million tonnes of which is plastic destined for landfill (combined with domestic output). 

Forward-thinking businesses know that both governmental pressure and customer demands will require all conscious brands to do their best by the planet moving forward. 

Hiring a commercial cleaning company like J & I is one of the easiest ways to boost your green kudos. Where possible, eco-friendly products and practises are used so you know your hygiene standards don’t compromise your company morals.

2) Time Can Be Better Spent Elsewhere (You Or Your Team)

Whether you could be putting more time into marketing, or your employees could otherwise sell more, serve more or even work less, the fact is that time spent cleaning by you, or them could be better spent elsewhere for a more productive business.

3) More Expertise & Experience

J & I have been operating for over 20 years. Whilst we are certain you do a great job of cleaning, we can do it better. This is because we have 20 years of experience with all kinds of commercial cleaning environments, clients, challenges and business-types. We consistently try to remain the best in our industry by offering excellence again and again, which includes offering the kind of pristine cleaning results businesses can’t do themselves.

4) Speed

Commercial cleaning companies know how to get a cleaning job done properly, and in good time. This is incredibly efficient both practically and financially.

5) Out-Of-Hours Availability

Commercial cleaners can get your premises pristine at a time to suit you. This could mean coming in during the early hours and freshening things up before you arrive. It could mean that we clean in the evening after your workday has finished. We’re here to work around your needs, and that includes working at short notice too. 

If you do require commercial cleaning services when customers or employees are present, that’s not a problem either. The best commercial cleaning companies know how to be discreet and work in a busy environment without making lots of noise and causing a disturbance. This high level of professionalism is important so that hygiene can be maintained without sacrificing the delicate goings on of your workplace.

6) Client, Customer & Candidate Impressions

A professional cleaning company can get your workplace spotless, which will make a good impression on clients, customers and potential employees too.

7) A Boost In Morale

The government tells us that a good working environment is good for health, and that employment is a primary determinant of health overall. Your workforce knows this too, and they appreciate health efforts made by their employer. They want to feel safe, appreciated and to be able to work in a clean environment. 

Artisan coffees, filtered water and free fruit can go so far to a healthier work environment, but a clean and fresh environment is a basic expectation from most employees that will help boost morale in combination with other health work environment efforts.

8) Improved Safety & Health

The UK economy loses over £90 billion as a result of health related absence every year. With a hygienic and professionally cleaned place you can kill the majority of common bacteria and germs, cutting the chance of seasonal conditions like ‘the office cold’ spreading through regularly touched areas like keyboards, door handles and kitchen worktops.

With COVID-19 sanitisation and high-grade viral killing cleaning products, you can also ensure the workplace is as safe as possible for a workforce emerging from a pandemic.

9) Compliance With Health & Safety Laws

Regular professional cleaning ensures you can comply with health and hygiene laws within your industry. We can also provide COVID-19 sanitisation to help you further comply with the latest COVID-19 regulations and law.

10) All The Tools & Solutions At Hand

Professional cleaning companies have all the high-grade cleaning tools and solutions to get your place spotless at speed. This includes any specialist machinery like floor buffing machines, carpet cleaning machines and even high-level cleaning tools & apparatus. This means you don’t have to put any money into your own supplies or to rent specialist equipment. 

11) Money

Many businesses worry about spending money on cleaning services, but the costs are often surprisingly affordable. This is boosted by the fact a professional cleaning company will get the work done much quicker, and the benefits like avoiding health and safety fines (in combination with other measures), lowering sick days and boosting employee morale all have financial benefits worth considering and weighing up.

Are You Ready To Invest In A Clean Workplace?

If you feel ready to reap the benefits of a professional cleaning company keeping your commercial space pristine, contact J & I today. We can discuss your needs and create a bespoke cleaning schedule that works for you. 

We’re here to give you your cleaning time back and maintain phenomenal hygiene levels in your working environment at an affordable price.

Tailored to your individual requirements.

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